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Our Story

Mr. Shakur is educated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and has been in business for over ten years. His Firm continues to lead the industry in Speed, Reliability, and Accuracy. He only employs top-notch Agents, who may act as runner’s in each State and Washington D.C. for the fastest processing possible. Houston Mobile Notary & Apostille Company was founded in Harris county Texas in 2016. We established our Company and school because we know there is a demand for mobile notary and apostille processing hardly any place to learn how to correctly and proficiently process the various types of documents; some are simple to process, others are not. After much research and years of experience in handling personal, county ,state, federal, international and court legalization, we established an online school that is open to the public. Our goal, is to develop a training system wherein the students could not only quickly learn and master the notary and apostille processes, also avoid making costly and embarrassing mistakes Via Guessing or trial/Error’s.

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